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Summer Toronto

10 Things to do in Toronto – Summer Edition

Last week saw the official start of summer in Toronto! And that means spending every waking moment soaking up as much of the precious sunshine as possible. After the long, cold winters the promise of clear sky’s, warm days and late sunsets brings everyone out of hibernation.

Summer brings Toronto back to life as the sidewalks are once again filled with people, restaurants outdoor patios are bustling, and the parks are blossoming with people. Join in the city’s summer lovin’ by sharing in these summer activities (and most of them are FREE).  (more…)

Chocoholics guide to Toronto

Chocoholics Guide to Toronto

Hello my fellow chocoholics and sweet treat lovers!

As a self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur, full-time chocoholic and now self-appointed Global Chocolate Taste Tester, I took it upon myself to source, sample and select the best places to get your chocolate fix in downtown Toronto. 

Life is too short to eat bad chocolate. 



Something for Everyone in Johannesburg

More often than not when planning an adventure to South Africa, the itinerary is limited to Safari and Cape Town. Rarely does the country’s big city, Johannesburg (Joburg to the locals) get a moments notice. Joburg is vibrant, bustling and has just as many insightful and entertaining attractions as the rest of the country.

Here is what to do in and around Johannesburg and there really is a little something for everyone.


new york

Is NYC really the Greatest City in the World?

Our whirlwind trip to the city that never sleeps didn’t seep into our souls, change us or leave a footprint on our hearts.

The truth is I was underwhelmed by New York City. I expected greatness, magic, to be mesmerized (I don’t know perhaps I thought celebrities would be pole vaulting down Madison Avenue). But ultimately I thought New York would fundamentally alter my views on city life and leave me hungry to return.

Instead it was everything you see on television screens and nothing more.


Guide to Niagara Falls canada

Guide to Niagara Falls Canada

The contrasting city of Niagara Falls is no one horse, one waterfall town, like so many imagine it to be. But rather a vibrant city built to capture the imagination of the young and old, with numerous activities surrounding the Falls and a host of attractions that bring you closer to them. There is more to see than just the famous Horseshoe Falls. Here is my guide to Niagara Falls Canada, all you need to see and what you can seriously skip.