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pets of Toronto

Pets of Downtown Toronto

Toronto, the multi-cultural mixing pot of the world. The dogs strutting the streets are just as varied as the people walking them. They come in all shapes, fluffs, and ages, groomed to perfection and dressed to impress whilst still upholding the social grace and friendly disposition that’s synonymous with Canadian culture.



Local is Lekker

Living this semi-nomadic life, being introduced to people from all over the world has made me realise how, more often than not, people seek adventure abroad before exploring their own backyard. We are just as guilty. We have seen and explored more of the globe than  our own hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa in the 28 years I lived there.

*Local is Lekker is a South African localism = things close to home are often the best


Top Photography Spots in Toronto

Top Photography spots in Toronto

When visiting Toronto there are a few key photography spots to ensure you capture the iconic skyline, the diverse architecture and the many unique elements that give Toronto its character. Everyone wants to get that perfect shot and Instagram-worthy photos but lets face it there are only so many ways to photograph the CN Tower when you are standing right below it.

I always try to look for different angle, reflections and elements of colour to spice up my photographs (which means I am often lurking in bushes). We all want nice travel photos, that not only capture the moment but are beautiful enough to frame and tell the story of where we were.