10 Photos That Perfectly Capture Vietnam

Combined we have well over a dozen different and diverse countries under our belts. We are constantly asked “what was your favourite?” Although everywhere has stand out moments and created lifelong memories, we always circle back to one. For both husband and I, Vietnam stands out as the most incredible place we have visited. Every year we say we have to go back but with so much more of the world to explore we never do. But one day we will return to the place that captured our hearts.

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Chef’s Assembly Hall – The Sizzling New Place to Meet and Eat

The recently opened Chef’s Assembly Hall in downtown Toronto brings together 17 of Toronto’s popular and much-loved chefs under one roof. Scattered about the large industrial looking space are the restaurants mini pop up stalls and help yourself tables and benches. Combining restaurant quality food with upscale food court style seating and fully stocked bars.

Dear husband and I love this style of dining, with me being such a fussy eater and husband being the more adventurous. This way we can both find something we love and come together to enjoy. Chef’s Assembly Hall has a little something to satisfy all the cravings from Ramen and pizza to healthy snacks, vegan and gluten-free delights as well as drool-worthy treats from Short and Sweet and Bulldog Coffee.

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First Time to Havana

First Time to Havana: What You Need to Know

Havana allows you to not only step back in time but step into a time where we live in the moment. Besides the colourful classic cars which are the obvious indicator of the time warp. It’s a place where music is live on the streets and not heard through an iPod. Chatting with a neighbour means actually walking over and knocking on their door or picking up a pay phone and there is a palpable sense of community. Havana really is a city like no other.

I absolutely loved Havana and would return in a heartbeat now knowing what to expect and that there is nothing to worry about. But hindsight is 20/20. Before I left I did a myriad of research, quizzed anybody that mentioned that they had been there, and tried to plan and be prepared for any eventuality. Based on my experiences I have condensed all the questions I had before travelling to Havana for the first time as well as what I discovered through the hours of research that turned out to be immensely helpful.

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Melia Peninsula

Checking In: Melia Peninsula

The Melia Peninsula is an all-inclusive resort perched on the picture-perfect beach peninsula of Varadero, Cuba.

Going on vacation to Cuba, one enters with the knowledge that a 5-star rating does not necessarily mean the same thing that it would in other countries around the world. Unfortunately, the 5-star Melia Peninsula in Varadero doesn’t even feel like they are trying.

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quebec city winter

Top 7 Things To Do in Quebec City – Winter Edition

When you combine the charm of Europe, the romance and cuisine of France and friendly Canadians you get the perfect city. Quebec City! Sprinkle this perfect place with a dusting of snow and the historical Quebec City is instantly transformed into a magical winter wonderland – making it an ideal weekend winter getaway.

From November through to February Quebec City is packed with things to do, see (despite the sub-zero temperatures) and eat. This list will ensure you miss none of the magical festivities and charming corners whilst wandering through the snow-covered cobbled streets lined with Christmas trees and illuminated by strings of twinkling fairy lights.

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