10 Things to do in Toronto – Winter Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (well, for me anyway). It’s officially Christmas time, snow, hot chocolate drinking and scarf wearing season.

Toronto may be chilly outside but it is still the season of festivities, feasting and drinking so there is no excuse to bunker down, hibernating for the entire season. Toronto is well-prepared for winter and there are numerous – mostly free – activities, events and festivities to keep you toasty and entertained.



Shifting Seasons & Fall Feelings

Just over a year ago now, we landed in Toronto at the start of the fall season, yet I failed to truly take note of just how beautiful a season it was. I remember noticing the occasional red and yellow tinted tree. But amidst all the shiny and new, the unknown and bizarre, the season’s change got lost amongst the overwhelmingness of moving, our new way of life, and a pile of paperwork. 

Now this year with the summer humidity finally dissipating I came out of my air-conditioned hibernation and took note. Passing by everything a year on, now so familiar, has had me reflecting back to exact moments this time last year… The first time we discovered an area, the first time we walked down a road, the exact conversations we had as we walked that road, the first time we boarded the subway, the first time we stepped foot in a grocery store, we ate there, saw that, felt… for the first time ever.



Canada the #1 Country to Explore in 2017 – It’s Easy to See Why

Last week Lonely Planet named Canada the #1 country to travel to in 2017 and it’s easy to see why!

The annual Best in Travel list compiled by Lonely Planet, forecasts travel trends for the upcoming year and Canada scooped up the 2017 top spot, followed by Colombia and Finland.

Next year is also the perfect time to see Canada as all their national parks, national historical sites and national marine conservation areas will have FREE admission. As 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation (basically the birth of Canada as a nation). And thanks to the slightly weaker Canadian dollar one can get a lot more loonies and toonies for one’s buck!


travel photography

8 Ways to Simply Step Up your Travel Photography

Nowadays, travelling and photos are deeply intertwined, we all want to capture those memorable moments. But getting a postcard-perfect photo without the crushing crowds cluttering up the view, all fighting for their very own photo with Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal… We all know the great struggle of  wanting to see those iconic sites, yet not wanting to share them with all the tourists!

There are definitely times where you would want people in your snapshots, whether they are the locals going about their daily chores or bustling along city sidewalks. Often enhancing the story you are trying to tell. But hordes of tourists bunched up with selfie sticks on the Great Wall of China is not one of those times!

If you are anything like me, a perfect photo is void of photobombing tourists. And so over the years I have mastered a few techniques that have helped me step up my travel photography game and capture beautiful – most often people free – photographs.



Where to Eat, Play and Stay in Halifax 

Halifax is a relatively small city in the picturesque province of Nova Scotia, surrounded by the fiery fall trees and perched on a natural port, just a stone’s throw away from the Atlantic ocean. Easily explored in just a weekend, Halifax is a walkable urban city that radiates relaxation, balanced life and seaside vibes. From rocking in the harbourside hammocks, people watching on the boardwalk, to eating at one of the many pubs or even soaking up the colonial history, there is something for everyone.