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5 Travel Bloggers that Inspire Me

I follow so many blogs, some for their detailed travel guides, travel hacks, impressive photography and others just for pure entertainment. But among those many blogs, a handful stand out as extraordinary in my eyes. The ones I read religiously, stalk on social media, feel like I know personally, those are my truly inspiring travel bloggers.

I like them all for varying reason but I have noticed a common theme that runs through my favourites. The writers and creators are all very relatable, their personalities radiate through every word they write and every picture they post. I also prefer travel blogs where they share their personal travel tales, recount their experiences – good and bad.

Tracey Pictor

Screw it, just do it!

You know those promo mailers – you don’t remember signing up for – those all-inclusive super cheap island vacation ones with lust worthy imagery. Well, I just got one and on an impulse I forwarded it onto my dear husband.

Subject line: Lets go…. like now!”


Scarborough Bluffs

Breaking all the Rules, a Picnic and Scarborough Bluffs

I packed a bag of treats and dragged dear husband out of the apartment for a picnic at Scarborough Bluffs. With summer finally here, we can explore all the outdoorsy spots in Toronto.

Scarborough Bluffs is a picturesque part of the city. On the far east side of Toronto, hugging the shoreline lies the stark white cliffs that set the scene for the city’s most attractive beach. All a mere 30-minute drive from downtown Toronto (or an exceptionally long journey via public transit).


Summer Toronto

10 Things to do in Toronto – Summer Edition

Last week saw the official start of summer in Toronto! And that means spending every waking moment soaking up as much of the precious sunshine as possible. After the long, cold winters the promise of clear sky’s, warm days and late sunsets brings everyone out of hibernation.

Summer brings Toronto back to life as the sidewalks are once again filled with people, restaurants outdoor patios are bustling, and the parks are blossoming with people. Join in the city’s summer lovin’ by sharing in these summer activities (and most of them are FREE).  (more…)