Hiking Hamilton – The City of Waterfall

Hamilton, Ontario may be known as steel town and more recently as the art district but this diverse up and coming city nestled along the Niagara Escarpment is probably most well know for being the waterfall capital of the world. The city is sprinkled with over 100 waterfalls and jaw-dropping natural landscapes.

To aid you in getting the most out of your time in Hamilton here is a quick guide to hiking the Hamilton waterfalls, which are the best ones and how to get to them.



Up and Coming City of Hamilton, Canada – The Secrets Out

The industrial steel town of Hamilton, Ontario has long been overshadowed by the big brother city, Toronto. But over the years, Hamilton has revitalised itself and has truly started carving out its own unique identity.

We spent the weekend exploring and experiencing Hamilton – a place that was never even on our radar – but should have been! As it combines everything we love – Food, Art and Nature. This almost unknown hidden gem of a city sits on the Niagara escarpment giving the town their own private forest, with over 100 waterfalls and breathtaking views. Hamilton also boasts a vibrant food scene, is an artistic and cultural hub and has some of the friendliest locals we have met to date!


Expat Diary- Why I Love living in Toronto

Expat Diary: 5 Things I love about living in Toronto (and a few things that bug me)

Soon Toronto and I will be celebrating our 1-year anniversary together (can you believe it). We have weathered all the seasons and survived the so called dreaded winter. And we can now finally say we are settled, found our feet, rhythm and routine. I feel like I have found my other half, this city just gets me and when it comes time to pack up and say goodbye (and that time will come) I already know it will be a very hard breakup. As I am deeply in love with Toronto.