10 Photos That Perfectly Capture Vietnam

Combined we have well over a dozen different and diverse countries under our belts. We are constantly asked “what was your favourite?” Although everywhere has stand out moments and created lifelong memories, we always circle back to one. For both husband and I, Vietnam stands out as the most incredible place we have visited. Every year we say we have to go back but with so much more of the world to explore we never do. But one day we will return to the place that captured our hearts.

Vietnam the Country the Captured our Hearts

vietnam hoi An

It’s hard to pinpoint that one reason Vietnam stands out for us. Perhaps it’s the string of unexpected experiences we had together. Cycling through the green rice paddies, learning to cook local Vietnamese dishes, waking up among the towering islands protruding from the still waters in Halong Bay, attempting to sleep on the tiny Asian sized beds on the overnight train, having our first custom tailored clothes in 24 hours. Not to forget the not-so-simple act of trying to survive the crossing of manic scooter flooded roads. It created a mosaic of memories that remain unique to Vietnam and Vietnam alone.

vietnam Hanoi

vietnam Hanoi

vietnam Halong Bay vietnam Halong Bay

vietnam floating market

vietnam Hanoi

vietnam_fruit platter

vietnam floating market

Let me know if you have a place that’s left such a deep impression on your heart?

Tracey Pictor

Tracey is a South African expat living, travelling and working her way around the world with my dear husband and cat.

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