Insiders Guide to Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the home of opera, Sachertorte cake, the Viennese waltz and my dear friend Natalie.  At the end of 2007 I spent two weeks visiting her in Austria, and my most vivid memory was on New Years Eve, at the stoke of midnight the entire city grabbed a partner and started to waltz in the streets, in front of the Rathaus under the twinkling lights, the falling snow and to the sound of the city orchestra. To this day Vienna remain one of my favourite European cities as it manages to effortlessly blend the modern world with its former historic self, never forgetting its traditions and ancestry.

My dearest and oldest friend Natalie, moved to Vienna straight after high school. Leaving the comforts of home and sunny SA to bravely take on the new challenge of studying and living abroad and life in a foreign language. And I asked, begged her to write about the lesser known things to do and see in Vienna.

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