Dear Husband Made us Hike a Glacier

Yes, that’s right, a frickin glacier! We scaled 360m elevation in under 2 hours as we hiked the Plain of 6 Glaciers. This was never part of my detailed itinerary. Thus we were completely under prepared – minimal water and no snacks to consume mid-way.

Let’s backtrack, I am getting ahead of myself. The morning started off innocently enough at around pre-dawn when I made dear husband get up with me to visit the two, arguably, most famous lakes in Canada. When people think of Canada images of the glacier-fed Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are the most likely images conjured.


Algonquin Provincial Park

A Canadian Survival Story: Man vs. Algonquin

Dear Husband was shipped off to a far and distant land for a two-week long business trip, I decided instead of hibernating with the cat, all the chocolate I could lay my hands and wallowing the time away in loneliness and solitude. I would hit the road with a few friends to Algonquin Provincial Park, on a mini adventure in search of moose.

The easy three and a half hour drive north from Toronto to Algonquin whisked by in a haze of green fields, coffee and pastry pit stops. On arrival, after sufficiently “carbo-loading” on a variety of brownies, cookies and Tim Bits it was decided, on advice from a park ranger, we should embark on the Mizzy Lake trail. As this would be our best chance to spot a moose.



Shifting Seasons & Fall Feelings

Just over a year ago now, we landed in Toronto at the start of the fall season, yet I failed to truly take note of just how beautiful a season it was. I remember noticing the occasional red and yellow tinted tree. But amidst all the shiny and new, the unknown and bizarre, the season’s change got lost amongst the overwhelmingness of moving, our new way of life, and a pile of paperwork. 

Now this year with the summer humidity finally dissipating I came out of my air-conditioned hibernation and took note. Passing by everything a year on, now so familiar, has had me reflecting back to exact moments this time last year… The first time we discovered an area, the first time we walked down a road, the exact conversations we had as we walked that road, the first time we boarded the subway, the first time we stepped foot in a grocery store, we ate there, saw that, felt… for the first time ever.


1 year in Toronto

Expat Diary: Reflecting on 1 year in Toronto

A year ago, we zipped up our suitcase for the final time in Namibia and moved our lives and our cat, 12,217km and 6 time zones away from everything we were familiar with, to restart life in Toronto, Canada.

One year on, we have weathered many emotional storms but on the whole, we had more sunny than gloomy days. The year has been filled with many new experiences, learning curves, challenges, lots of eating and we can also officially gloat that we endured, survived, and even thrived in a Canadian winter!