Toronto City Guide

Toronto City Guide

A comprehensive Toronto city guide to ensure you get a true taste of the city. After living in Toronto for well over a year I have experienced the city as a tourist and as a local, I have eaten at most of the hotspots, found those hidden gems, got lost, found my way again and visited all the major attractions. I can honestly share with you, my opinion on what are the absolute must see and do’s, what’s worth the time and money and what you can choose to skip.


places to eat in toronto

My 5 Favourite Places to Eat in Toronto

Looking for a place to eat in Toronto one is spoilt for choice. A city known for its culinary diversity delivers an overwhelming amount of options and an abundance of restaurants, eateries, cafes, food trucks, take-out joints and bars. So on those days where the thought of standing by the stove and cooking is beyond me and on a whim, we decide to eat out these are our go to places in downtown Toronto.

Our favourite places to eat in Toronto, are not necessarily the most coveted, the cheapest or the top 10 places to eat in Toronto of all time. But they never let us down, serving up consistently delicious dishes with great service. You may note that there is a heavy Italian and Mexican flavour to our favourites. That’s partly because these are our go to cuisines and partially because I’m a fussy vegetarian that hates vegetables, and these cuisines (and restaurants) cater to my picky palette perfectly.


Toronto Transit_TTC Streetcar

How to get around using Toronto Transit

Visiting Toronto and wondering how exactly to get around? What is TTC? How do I use Toronto Transit? How do I pay? Where do I pay? What are the rates? Does Toronto have Uber?

Well, as a child of Africa where there is no semblance of public transport, arriving in Toronto had me feeling pretty overwhelmed by the prospect of getting on board this modern fangled world of public transit. From taking my very first solo adventure on the TTC I have come a long way. Here is my complete beginner’s guide on how to use the Toronto Transit network (TTC) and get how to get around Toronto. (more…)

10 Things to do in Toronto – Winter Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (well, for me anyway). It’s officially Christmas time, snow, hot chocolate drinking and scarf wearing season.

Toronto may be chilly outside but it is still the season of festivities, feasting and drinking so there is no excuse to bunker down, hibernating for the entire season. Toronto is well-prepared for winter and there are numerous – mostly free – activities, events and festivities to keep you toasty and entertained.



Shifting Seasons & Fall Feelings

Just over a year ago now, we landed in Toronto at the start of the fall season, yet I failed to truly take note of just how beautiful a season it was. I remember noticing the occasional red and yellow tinted tree. But amidst all the shiny and new, the unknown and bizarre, the season’s change got lost amongst the overwhelmingness of moving, our new way of life, and a pile of paperwork. 

Now this year with the summer humidity finally dissipating I came out of my air-conditioned hibernation and took note. Passing by everything a year on, now so familiar, has had me reflecting back to exact moments this time last year… The first time we discovered an area, the first time we walked down a road, the exact conversations we had as we walked that road, the first time we boarded the subway, the first time we stepped foot in a grocery store, we ate there, saw that, felt… for the first time ever.