Driving Miss Hazel

When Ryan first arrived in Windhoek he went in search of a reasonable second-hand car, and he found us a Toyota Yaris which we named Hazel. She is an old lady, but hard-working and reliable. In the two years we have had her she has developed a few aches and pains, bruises and rattles but then again what aged human doesn’t have similar complaints.

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Pop-up Restaurant in Windhoek

Pop-up restaurants are temporary eateries usually set up in private homes, a former warehouse, any open space really, and they have become increasingly popular around the world in the last decade or so and even Windhoek has them!

The Taste Academy, one of my favourite institutions here in Windhoek, hosts monthly Pop-up Restaurants and this months dinner was themed Sensory Food Experience, which promised to awaken and tease your senses by pairing Gastronomy with Food Art and as you know the extreme foodies that we are, we immediately booked our seats. Read More

Guest Blog: My 2 cents on Windhoek

So I am now going to make an attempt at writing a serious post, I know I have said this before, but I am serious this time….seriously. Given some pending upcoming changes in our lives, I think this would be an appropriate moment to provide you with my unsolicited opinions on the city in which we currently reside.

The sprawling, buzzing, chaotic metropolis of Windhoek, Namibia….cough…

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