10 Photos That Perfectly Capture Vietnam

Combined we have well over a dozen different and diverse countries under our belts. We are constantly asked “what was your favourite?” Although everywhere has stand out moments and created lifelong memories, we always circle back to one. For both husband and I, Vietnam stands out as the most incredible place we have visited. Every year we say we have to go back but with so much more of the world to explore we never do. But one day we will return to the place that captured our hearts.

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Disney Souvenir_Disney Scrapbook

A Disney Souvenir Worth Investing in

Disney has no shortage of souvenirs and merchandise to fill your suitcase or even your entire home. But really there is only one Disney souvenir worth investing in. And it costs hardly anything at all, as all you need is some basic stationery.

Instead of only uploading your photos to Facebook and Instagram, go old school and make a scrapbook journal. In a day, at Disney, so much happens, it’s a sensory overload. So by closing out each day by doodling, making notes and journaling, you will ensure you truly capture all the details, the highlights and lowlights. Among the notes and Disney character autographs, include all the memorabilia, maps, tickets, receipts, stickers, airline stubs and also leave a few gaps to insert your pictures along the way thus cobbling together your ultimate Disney Souvenir.

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Canadian Rockies

The Rockin’ Canadian Rockies!

Whilst on our travels, we have had some jaw dropping moments. Walking through the oldest desert in the world, setting sail through the gigantic islands in Halong Bay, Vietnam and now the Canadian Rockies left us dragging our jaws along the pine needle coated floors as we made our way along the winding roads, gasping at every turn, as the vistas opened up to ever more inspiring scenery.

More than once along this road trip we had to pick our jaws up from the floor as we admired the pure perfection of the many crystal clear jewel toned lakes surrounded by abundant forest all sitting against the rugged Canadian Rockies mountain range and then we would turn around and the sunlight would stream through the trees and bam, we would be frozen once again and left awestruck by the beauty from every angle.

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Disney world

Never to Old for Disney World

The happiest place on earth – Walt Disney World! Let’s face it this vast utopia was designed with children in mind. But that didn’t stop us, two 30-something-year-old, childless adults taking ourselves off to Disney World, Orlando for four jam-packed days of unsupervised shenanigans.

We spent the week hunting down characters, drinking from sippy cups, dancing down Main Street, taking loads of selfies, eating Mickey Mouse shaped waffles for breakfast, skipping lunch, reliving childhood memories, going on roller coasters, dodging millions of strollers and countless stray toddlers, getting sunburnt, waking up at sunrise, only to go to bed well after midnight yet still not quite getting around to seeing everything, watching fireworks, parades and children and adults alike fall in love with the magic of Disney.

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