first time to South Africa_Travel tips and tools

First Time to South Africa – 7 Useful Travel Tips and Tools

When you finally commit to sitting down and actually planning any trip for the first time, it’s rather overwhelming. When that destination is the far away land of South Africa it can seem even more so. Where to start, how to do it all in a few days, what to see, will it be safe, what to do, where to stay?

South Africa is rich in diversity, both in culture and scenery. From the beautiful views of the oceans, mountain and vineyard’s of Cape Town, the sunny beaches in Durban, the fast-paced big city of Johannesburg to the bushveld for the ultimate African experience, a safari. There is much to see and experience across the country. Here are few travel tips and tools that will make planning your first trip to South Africa a little easier.

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First Time on Safari: Everything you Need to Know

Silently perched in a rugged open-air safari vehicle, as a herd of elephants casually trudge across a sandy road just a few steps ahead of you. Surrounded by the African bushveld humming with insects, the cracking branches from the trees as the elephants carve their path and the occasional grunt of an animal far out in the distance. There is nothing quite like the sights, sounds and experience of going on your first safari.

As a locally grown South African I grew up on sunshine and safari getaways – the ultimate bucket list item for most! Over the years, having gone on more game drives than I can count on my fingers and toes I have seen a lot of wildlife, and a fair share questionable tourist behaviour. It is now time to share some tips, “must dos” and “don’t you dare do’s” when embarking on your very first African safari. This will ensure you take away a truly memorable African adventure.

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Something for Everyone in Johannesburg

More often than not when planning an adventure to South Africa, the itinerary is limited to Safari and Cape Town. Rarely does the country’s big city, Johannesburg (Joburg to the locals) get a moments notice. Joburg is vibrant, bustling and has just as many insightful and entertaining attractions as the rest of the country.

Here is what to do in and around Johannesburg and there really is a little something for everyone.

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What is Johannesburg Really Like

Johannesburg – Joburg or Jozi as it’s more commonly known, has got a bad reputation as a “gangster’s paradise”.  But as a born and bred Joburg girl, I can assure you that there is more to this city than just smash-and-grabs and constant toyi toyi’s.

One doesn’t really appreciate their city until you’ve stepped back and looked at it with fresh eyes. Only now that I have been away from home for awhile, do I appreciate all the wonderful nuances that makes Joburg awesome! Read More