new york

Is NYC really the Greatest City in the World?

Our whirlwind trip to the city that never sleeps didn’t seep into our souls, change us or leave a footprint on our hearts.

The truth is I was underwhelmed by New York City. I expected greatness, magic, to be mesmerised (I don’t know perhaps I thought celebrities would be pole vaulting down Madison Avenue). But ultimately I thought New York would fundamentally alter my views on city life and leave me hungry to return.

Instead, it was everything you see on television screens and nothing more.


Snow Missouri

My Winter Wonderland Dream in Missouri

I awoke on Thursday, 18 December in Missouri, St Louis to my idea of a winter wonderland dream – it was snowing.

I dressed at lightning flash speed, grabbed my camera and went to frolic in the snow as the rest of the neighbourhood slept.  I think the neighbours did poke their noses through the curtains in judgment as this crazy African girl danced around in the snow like a child in Willy Wonka Land.