Chef’s Assembly Hall – The Sizzling New Place to Meet and Eat

The recently opened Chef’s Assembly Hall in downtown Toronto brings together 17 of Toronto’s popular and much-loved chefs under one roof. Scattered about the large industrial looking space are the restaurants mini pop up stalls and help yourself tables and benches. Combining restaurant quality food with upscale food court style seating and fully stocked bars.

Dear husband and I love this style of dining, with me being such a fussy eater and husband being the more adventurous. This way we can both find something we love and come together to enjoy. Chef’s Assembly Hall has a little something to satisfy all the cravings from Ramen and pizza to healthy snacks, vegan and gluten-free delights as well as drool-worthy treats from Short and Sweet and Bulldog Coffee.

Chef's Assembly Hall

Chef’s Assembly Hall

Making it the perfect meeting place for just a coffee and a chat or just to have a casual dinner and a drink with friends. It’s a place where everyone can get whatever cuisine ignites their taste buds and either grab it to go, or for sit down.

chefs assembly hall

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This past weekend we went to check out Chef’s Assembly Hall and were pleasantly surprised. It was vibey without being overcrowded and I thought the quality of food was exceptional and concept felt fresh. We were however surprised that it was not busier. But on chatting to the chef at The Good Son whilst waiting for my margarita pizza he said they had only officially been open for a week. So clearly the crowds are not yet in on the secret.

Each pop-up stall features a sampling of the signature dishes from the respective restaurants. I use the word pop-up loosely as each restaurant is scaled down and it has the atmosphere of being a seasonal artisan food market, but Chef’s Assembly Hall is anything but a pop-up, this unique concept to the city is here to stay! Which is just as well, considering Toronto prides itself on being a foodie destination, I think this type of casual food hall is what the city has lacked.

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Chef’s Assembly Hall is open Monday to Friday from 7am – 10pm and Saturdays from 10am – 10pm, 111 Richmond St W and entrance is free.

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