Disney Souvenir_Disney Scrapbook

A Disney Souvenir Worth Investing in

Disney has no shortage of souvenirs and merchandise to fill your suitcase or even your entire home. But really there is only one Disney souvenir worth investing in. And it costs hardly anything at all, as all you need is some basic stationery.

Instead of only uploading your photos to Facebook and Instagram, go old school and make a scrapbook journal. In a day, at Disney, so much happens, it’s a sensory overload. So by closing out each day by doodling, making notes and journaling, you will ensure you truly capture all the details, the highlights and lowlights. Among the notes and Disney character autographs, include all the memorabilia, maps, tickets, receipts, stickers, airline stubs and also leave a few gaps to insert your pictures along the way thus cobbling together your ultimate Disney Souvenir.

Disney Souvenir_Disney Scrapbook

At the age of 8 on a family vacation to Disneyland Paris, my mother encouraged my sister and me to keep a journal documenting our experiences. By day we would hunt down the Disney characters autographs and on returning to our hotel room we wrote about our day. To this day I still have that little notebook filled with my shaky handwriting and awfully creative spelling. It remains a treasured keepsake that no photo can replace as the innocent outpour of excitement I detailed, my thoughts and tiny doodles are all enveloped in one colourful notebook forever.

Now almost 24 years on, when we visited Disney World, with only slightly neater handwriting and a marginally better vocabulary, I did the same thing. I once again bought an A5 journal and a collection of markers to create my Disney Scrapbook.

Disney Souvenir_Disney Scrapbook

Disney Souvenir_Disney Scrapbook

Disney Souvenir_Disney Scrapbook Disney Souvenir_Disney Scrapbook Disney Souvenir_Disney Scrapbook

When we all went on our family vacation to Disneyland, my sister was a mere 5 years old and even she kept a travel journal. Although mainly filled with doodles and my mom transcribed most of her day it is still a precious little piece of that vacation. Clearly a Disney scrapbook can be done at all ages.


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