Melia Habana

Checking In: Melia Habana Cuba

The Melia Habana is an impressive five-star hotel overlooking the sea in the upper-class neighbourhood of Miramar, Havana which is just a short taxi ride away from Old Havana.

We arrived in Cuba with an open mind knowing that five-star is not remotely like the five star the rest of the world uses as a benchmark. But Melia Habana truly exceeded our expectations. Placed in another country perhaps it wouldn’t hold this rating but we couldn’t fault our stay.

Our main motivation for booking a hotel outside of Old Havana was to allow us the opportunity to escape to the sanctuary of our hotel if the city chaos and heat got too overwhelming. But the final deciding factor on choosing this property over the multitude of others was they offered a free and direct shuttle throughout the day to Old Havana, giving us one less thing to worry about and budget for.  Read More

Guide to Havana

Your Must See Guide to Havana

So the rumours are true, Havana is just as wonderful as everyone say it is. At first glance, you would believe it’s an abandoned and crumbling city but it is anything but. The narrow cobbled alleys are humming with activity. As we weaved between the locals going about their day, dodged rickshaws, fruit vendors and playing children. The sound of beating drums and the allure of even more colourfully lined cobbled paths ahead served as our only guide.

There’s an energy and vibrancy that runs as an undercurrent through Old Havana that no photo seems to capture. While the visuals are striking, it’s the combined impact on your other senses that create your future favourite reminisces.

This must-see guide to Havana will ensure Old Havana ignites all your senses. 

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best place to travel in 2018_ Photo by on Unsplash

This Will Be The Most Talked About Destination of 2018

Annually, one destination is always favoured to be the destination of the year. Leading travel websites, travel experts and editors all around the world weigh in, to curate a list of the best places to travel in 2018. There are always a few destinations dominating the top spots usually because they are hosting major international events, celebrations or reinventing themselves. Making them the desired destination and leaving us all rewriting our bucket lists.

In 2017, Canada unanimously topped all the lists as the number 1 destination. 2017 was a big year for Canada as it celebrated its 150th anniversary and among the massive celebrations planned, entry to all their National Parks was free for the entire year – which meant tourists came flocking (us included).

Now it’s that time of the year, where next years “it” destinations are revealed. I have crossed reference multiple sites and tallied the results to reveal next years leading destination.

The best places to travel in 2018 are…. drum roll, please…

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Disney Souvenir_Disney Scrapbook

A Disney Souvenir Worth Investing in

Disney has no shortage of souvenirs and merchandise to fill your suitcase or even your entire home. But really there is only one Disney souvenir worth investing in. And it costs hardly anything at all, as all you need is some basic stationery.

Instead of only uploading your photos to Facebook and Instagram, go old school and make a scrapbook journal. In a day, at Disney, so much happens, it’s a sensory overload. So by closing out each day by doodling, making notes and journaling, you will ensure you truly capture all the details, the highlights and lowlights. Among the notes and Disney character autographs, include all the memorabilia, maps, tickets, receipts, stickers, airline stubs and also leave a few gaps to insert your pictures along the way thus cobbling together your ultimate Disney Souvenir.

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Expat Diary- Applying for an Ontario Drivers License

It’s Been a Long Road to Get Here

So you’re thinking of moving to Canada? I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Being an expat in Canada requires one to obtain a Canadian drivers license (unless you are from an exempt country – which we are not). So yes, after 13 years of having a South African drivers license, we had to start from scratch.

Going on our first epic Canadian road trip wasn’t as simple as plotting a route and hiring a car. In order to embark on the aforementioned adventure, we had to study up, do the written learners test, go for lessons (to learn to drive on the wrong side of the road) and then do an actual full road test.

But now the road trip was booked and paid for thus we soldiered forth. I had little concern as between us we have 26 years of full-time driving experience. How hard could it be? Well, after three very wild months of attempting to unlearn bad driving habits, a few weeks of untold stress, a pinch of denial and 1 failed driving test later. We got our licenses and embarked on our road trip.

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