to do in Jasper national park

5 Things To Do in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park felt like the slightly rawer and off the beaten track counterpart to the tourist central and polished Banff National Park. But it is equally as breathtaking, if not more, as during the peak season the tranquillity of the outdoors is not lost to the masses of tourists fighting to get the perfect selfie with the famous sights.

Jasper National park is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, scenic hikes and water activities are only a few key things you simply cannot miss and so here are the five things to do in Jasper National park.

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Guide to the best restaurants in Canadian rockies

Foodies Guide through the Canadian Rockies

Our Canadian Rockies road trip was a journey for all the senses not only were the backdrops a feast for the eyes but also an awakening of the palette.

As we travelled from the quaint tourist Town of Banff onto Banff’s and Jasper’s National Park it was not only the breathtaking scenery that left us drooling but the restaurants, cafes, fine dining establishments and even the quiet picnics on the lawns were a true delight. We were time and time again surprised and charmed by the tasty and imaginative menus at the many restaurants hidden among the mountains.

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Dear Husband Made us Hike a Glacier

Yes, that’s right, a frickin glacier! We scaled 360m elevation in under 2 hours as we hiked the Plain of 6 Glaciers. This was never part of my detailed itinerary. Thus we were completely under prepared – minimal water and no snacks to consume mid-way.

Let’s backtrack, I am getting ahead of myself. The morning started off innocently enough at around pre-dawn when I made dear husband get up with me to visit the two, arguably, most famous lakes in Canada. When people think of Canada images of the glacier-fed Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are the most likely images conjured.

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Canadian Rockies

The Rockin’ Canadian Rockies!

Whilst on our travels, we have had some jaw dropping moments. Walking through the oldest desert in the world, setting sail through the gigantic islands in Halong Bay, Vietnam and now the Canadian Rockies left us dragging our jaws along the pine needle coated floors as we made our way along the winding roads, gasping at every turn, as the vistas opened up to ever more inspiring scenery.

More than once along this road trip we had to pick our jaws up from the floor as we admired the pure perfection of the many crystal clear jewel toned lakes surrounded by abundant forest all sitting against the rugged Canadian Rockies mountain range and then we would turn around and the sunlight would stream through the trees and bam, we would be frozen once again and left awestruck by the beauty from every angle.

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Algonquin Provincial Park

A Canadian Survival Story: Man vs. Algonquin

Dear Husband was shipped off to a far and distant land for a two-week long business trip, I decided instead of hibernating with the cat, all the chocolate I could lay my hands and wallowing the time away in loneliness and solitude. I would hit the road with a few friends to Algonquin Provincial Park, on a mini adventure in search of moose.

The easy three and a half hour drive north from Toronto to Algonquin whisked by in a haze of green fields, coffee and pastry pit stops. On arrival, after sufficiently “carbo-loading” on a variety of brownies, cookies and Tim Bits it was decided, on advice from a park ranger, we should embark on the Mizzy Lake trail. As this would be our best chance to spot a moose.

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