Confessions of a Chocoholic

I have been debating about whether to publish this story or not as it is a very low point in my life and a seriously embarrassing story…

The start of this year my resolution was to actually loose a few kilos and so far I am actually sticking to my resolution, which has meant me giving up my daily intake of a truck load of chocolate 🙁

Now picture this…. (more…)


Windhoek through the lens

Husband and I decided to mission around our new hometown, the small city of Windhoek and see a few sights and act like tourists well we still new in town and can pull it off. There aren’t to many sights to see in the city, if you refer to tour directories the sights actually include the presidents house – which you are not allowed to photograph and a cemetery and that’s just weird to photograph.



Windhoek Update

So we have now been here for 3 weeks and I have had a bit of time to explore in between unpacking, moving in admin and starting a garden.  Yes I have taken to gardening– I am among the 1% of Namibians who actually gardens.  My dear husband says you can measure a Namibians wealth by the amount of grass they have, and it’s so true no one here has a garden or grass. (more…)

Airport travel

We have arrived

Day 1 in the desert

So after 2 months of squatting at my mother’s house, as we had rented out our flat and put our furniture into storage – all this is due to a delay in the work permit for Namibia.

So after a weekend of rather stressful packing as we tried to condense 2 months worth of clothes and a few birthday presents into 23kg baggage allowance (obviously we had to leave stuff behind) we learnt at the airport this morning that one is allowed 2 bags of 23kg EACH per person on a flight to Windhoek – tip for future always phone the airline prior to confirm baggage allowance as this info was not well advertised.