Hell of a spa day

Today myself and some girlfriends decided to have a spa day.

One of the ladies organised it and just sent me the address, I looked at the website to see what services they offer and they spelt Contact us wrong (Contect us) that should have been the first red flag but I thought maybe it’s a gem and they know something I don’t.

Arriving at the address I drove past it a few times as the end of the driveway looked like a mechanics workshop and there was no sign of a salon/ spa/ beauty parlour anywhere, so I decided to be brave and just drive in and well, I surprising was at the correct place –¬† The ‘spa’ is in a house in the deep Westrand and lets just say they run on African Time. After waiting about 30 minutes we were finally called to our first treatment by a therapist that had more facial hair than a man. Read More