Expat Diary: Bored Housewife

Once we had settled in and I had unpacked the last box, there were days that I thought to myself, do I really love myself enough to spend the next two years with me, myself and I, all day, every day – alone!  As I left all my friends and family in Johannesburg to pursue life as an expat in Namibia, knowing no one.

I don’t have children which means I wasn’t going to be meeting any of the soccer moms, and I don’t even know a distant neighbour’s great aunt to get in touch with here.

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Confessions of a Chocoholic

I have been debating about whether to publish this story or not as it is a very low point in my life and a seriously embarrassing story…

The start of this year my resolution was to actually loose a few kilos and so far I am actually sticking to my resolution, which has meant me giving up my daily intake of a truck load of chocolate 🙁

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