Canadian Rockies

The Rockin’ Canadian Rockies!

Whilst on our travels, we have had some jaw dropping moments. Walking through the oldest desert in the world, setting sail through the gigantic islands in Halong Bay, Vietnam and now the Canadian Rockies left us dragging our jaws along the pine needle coated floors as we made our way along the winding roads, gasping at every turn, as the vistas opened up to ever more inspiring scenery.

More than once along this road trip we had to pick our jaws up from the floor as we admired the pure perfection of the many crystal clear jewel toned lakes surrounded by abundant forest all sitting against the rugged Canadian Rockies mountain range and then we would turn around and the sunlight would stream through the trees and bam, we would be frozen once again and left awestruck by the beauty from every angle.

Banff Canada Banff Canada Banff Canada

Over 11 days we crossed 3 times zones as we road tripped from Calgary through the Banff National park, made a brief stop in the delightful town of Banff and then continued on through the snow-capped mountains and pine tree-lined roads along the Icefields Parkway (known as one of the worlds most scenic road trip routes) onto Jasper National Park where we stayed put for a few days in a log cabin to truly appreciate the fresh air and serenity of being surrounded by the mountains and to awoken by the squirrels instead of an alarm clock.

Lake Louise Canada Moraine Lake Banff Canada Moraine Lake Banff Canada

Jasper Canada

Banff Canada_Elk Valley of 5 lakes_Jasper Canada Jasper Canada

But all too soon it was time to push onto the second half of our grand Canadian road trip.  We made a fleeting pit stop in the town of Vernon and then continued on into the big city, Vancouver followed by a ferry across the strait to the postcard perfect capital city of British Colombia, Victoria.

Icefields Parkway Canada Vancouver Canada Victoria British Colombia Canada Victoria British Colombia Canada

Just when we thought Canada couldn’t surpass the impressive scenery we had already experienced it went and wowed us again!

Tracey Pictor

Tracey is a South African expat living, travelling and working her way around the world with my dear husband and cat.

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